Bank Parent Consent

(Parent/ Legal Guardian) (Address) (Contact number) (Office/ Department) (Date) Dear Sir/Madam, RE: Financial support for (student’s name) I hereby confirm that I, (mother/father/legal guardian’s name), am the (parent/legal guardian), of (student’s name) who is studying at (University) for a/an (undergraduate/ postgraduate degree) in (location of school). And, that I will financially support my (son/daughter/ward) during […]

Employer Reference Letter

(Date) This is to certify that (Referee) has been employed with (Company/ Organisation) since (start of the contract) and worked until (end of contract). She worked as (Position) in our company located at (Company Address). (Referee) was able to perform her duties and exceeded expectations. He/She has been a valuable member of the (Company/ Organisation) […]

Employer Recommendation Letter

(Employer’s Letterhead) (Name of Reference) (Address)· (Contact number)· (Email address) (Date) (Contact Person) (Position) (Company/ Organisation) Address Dear (Contact Person), I am very pleased to recommend (Referee) for (UK Course name) at (University applying for). I have had the pleasure to know and work with (Referee) for the last (number of years), where he worked […]

Dependent Visa Cover Letter

(Date) Dear Sir/Madam,  Re: Application of (dependent’s name) My name is (student’s name) and I am a student at (university), studying (course title). I am currently in my (first/second/third/etc) year.  I am writing this letter to invite my (husband/wife/partner/child), named (dependant’s name), to join me in the UK as my dependent(s) whilst I study.  ————————————————————— […]

Affidavit of one and the same Person

AFFIDAVIT OF ONE AND THE SAME PERSON I, _____________________________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: That I am a citizen of Pakistan. That I hereby declare that my name mentioned in some documents written as ________________ and in some documents name written as _______________________. I hereby declare that both the name pertain to […]

Why Study in UK?

By Usman Nadeem Nizam As basic as it sounds but none the less the most important question you need to answer yourself before you embark on your journey of studying abroad or in UK. There are students who fail to understand this basic question and are not able to make the right decisions and are […]

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