CV/ Resume Template: For student applicants for UK Uni

For those students applying for a UK university, who are asking for a resume format, here are two different ways that could help you prepare your CV or Resume. 1. An Online CV- maker Lots of stuff you can do if you have access to the internet. One is to create your resume via an […]

Postgraduate Recommendation Letter

(Name of Reference) (Address)· (Contact number)· (Email address) (Date) (Contact Person) (Position) (Company/ Organisation) Address Dear (Contact Person), I highly recommend (Referee) as a candidate for (your University / University Name). I have worked with (Referee) in my capacity as (Reference’s Position) at (Previous school). While a student at (Previous school), (Referee) maintained a _____ […]

Bank Parent Consent

(Parent/ Legal Guardian) (Address) (Contact number) (Office/ Department) (Date) Dear Sir/Madam, RE: Financial support for (student’s name) I hereby confirm that I, (mother/father/legal guardian’s name), am the (parent/legal guardian), of (student’s name) who is studying at (University) for a/an (undergraduate/ postgraduate degree) in (location of school). And, that I will financially support my (son/daughter/ward) during […]

Employer Reference Letter

(Date) This is to certify that (Referee) has been employed with (Company/ Organisation) since (start of the contract) and worked until (end of contract). She worked as (Position) in our company located at (Company Address). (Referee) was able to perform her duties and exceeded expectations. He/She has been a valuable member of the (Company/ Organisation) […]

Employer Recommendation Letter

(Employer’s Letterhead) (Name of Reference) (Address)· (Contact number)· (Email address) (Date) (Contact Person) (Position) (Company/ Organisation) Address Dear (Contact Person), I am very pleased to recommend (Referee) for (UK Course name) at (University applying for). I have had the pleasure to know and work with (Referee) for the last (number of years), where he worked […]

Dependent Visa Cover Letter

(Date) Dear Sir/Madam,  Re: Application of (dependent’s name) My name is (student’s name) and I am a student at (university), studying (course title). I am currently in my (first/second/third/etc) year.  I am writing this letter to invite my (husband/wife/partner/child), named (dependant’s name), to join me in the UK as my dependent(s) whilst I study.  ————————————————————— […]

Affidavit of one and the same Person

AFFIDAVIT OF ONE AND THE SAME PERSON I, _____________________________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: That I am a citizen of Pakistan. That I hereby declare that my name mentioned in some documents written as ________________ and in some documents name written as _______________________. I hereby declare that both the name pertain to […]

What if I fail in any modules?

If a student fails one module, they’ll generally be allowed to re-sit. A board of examiners will assess your case and will also be considering your attendance and performance in other modules.  If you’ve failed multiple modules or one of the compulsory modules, you may only be offered to repeat the entire semester/year. This is […]

Ace your University and UKVI Credibility Interview

Most Universities will be interviewing you before issuing you CAS. University Interviews and the one with UKVI are of the same format and the main purpose is to find out if you’re a genuine student or not. If you consider yourself to be a GENUINE student, you should know; about the course and modules you […]

Fraudsters Targeting International Students in UK

A number of students have reported receiving SCAM calls from fraudsters pretending to be from UKVI/HMRC/NI. They will claim you’ve been booked in for some fraud and if you don’t cooperate they will arrest/deport you! Students are then asked to confirm their Biometric/NI number – some students were also asked to pay a penalty or […]

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