UK as the land of Opportunities!

By Usman Nadeem Nizam Opportunities, Opportunities, and Opportunities! UK is the land of opportunities, being one of the strongest economies and home to a number of Fortune 500 companies and other giant corporates. There are tons of opportunities not just within such big corporates but also other small and medium enterprises too. Employers look for […]

Why Study in UK?

By Usman Nadeem Nizam As basic as it sounds but none the less the most important question you need to answer yourself before you embark on your journey of studying abroad or in UK. There are students who fail to understand this basic question and are not able to make the right decisions and are […]


Estimated Cost for VISA Application Here’s a brief estimation of how much you should expect to spend; IELTS Fee: 30,000 PKR – 38,500 PKR TB Test: 11,000 PKR Visa Fee: 76,000 PKR IHS Fee: £705 Flights: 50,000 PKR – 60,000 PKR (one-way) University Deposit Total Damage: 300,000 PKR (approx.)*This doesn’t include your University deposit and […]


Let’s discuss EXPENSES and cover some basic costs and see what benefits/discounts you get as a student in the UK. *Please note these are average estimations and you may spend more or less depending on your situation and the city you live in. Basic costs Per Month: Rent: £400 – £500 Traveling: £40 (London can be around […]

Beginners Guide

Step 1. Prepare all your educational documents: If applying for Foundation/Undergraduate courses you need to have SSC and HSC or O / A Levels transcripts and certificates. For postgraduate courses, you need the above documents + Bachelors/Masters degree transcripts and certificates as well. Reference letter(s) are important, especially for Postgraduate courses. Request your school/college/uni or […]

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